18 March 2012

Game News: KOEI Romance of Three Kingdoms 12 announced

Source (in Japanese): http://www.4gamer.net/games/140/G014076/20110915043/

The release date is 30-March-2012, but I saw on some forum that the release date might be delayed again.

Tecmo Koei announced in September 2011 that they will be bringing a brand new Romance of the Three Kingdoms game: Romance of Three Kingdoms XII.

If you are not familiar with the series, it will be set in the warring times (Three Kingdoms)  in China where several warlords are trying to be the ruler of China. In Romance of the Three Kingdoms it will feature a lot of heroes you know from Dynasty Warrior series. The game is set out for 2012 in Japan for the PC.

Just a warning for the new players that are going to try playing a Romance game. You will need a lot of thinking power and a whole lot of patience. I would definitely suggest you pick up the classic Romance games to get yourself familiarize.

One of the best classic real strategy games out there


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