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Welcome to Sanguo Online Community 

Sanguo Online Community is your Romance of Three Kingdoms community.

About Sanguo Online Community

Established since 10 Feb 2001, Sanguo Online Community is a Romance Of Three Kingdoms online community dedicated to provide members with comprehensive information on Romance of Three Kingdoms history, novel, characters, games. Check out how our site had changed over the years.

We are a privately sponsored community.

Sanguo Online Community Mission Statement

SOC sets out with the following Mission Statement :

  1. To provide Romance of Three Kingdoms game fans with latest games news and updates. 
  2. To provide Romance of Three Kingdoms fans to Romance of Three Kingdoms related historical informations 
  3. To build a dynamic online Romance of Three Kingdoms community through community building

By building an dynamic online community via our Facebook Group and Fan Page ,we aim to provide our members an online community for them to share, discuss, explore, communicate views and ideas on Romance of Three Kingdoms.

Sanguo Online Community Objectives

Our objective is to enable all fans of Romance of Three Kingdoms from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong , Taiwan and many parts of the world togather to form a dynamic online community. Subscribe to our mailing list for any new announcement or updates.